"Learn The 3 Key Components Every Online Marketer Must Get Right To Sell Online"

This Step-By-Step Process Took Me From A Side Hustle To A Full On Business...Bringing In more than 7 figures In Sales Almost On Auto Pilot!

Our "Component Optimization" blueprint is THE difference between being successful and going broke.

With Absolutely Zero Experience Selling Online, This Method Has Generated Almost $2 Million In Sales Revenue And A List Of 37,471 Paying Customers!

From: Jared Messer
St Louis, MO

My name is Jared Messer and chances are you’ve never heard of me!

Although, if you’re a musician you may have seen one of my ads running on YouTube for my company…Worship Music Academy.

Until recently, I had no experience with online marketing and had never owned my own company.

In fact, I’d never really sold anything before!

But in just over 2 years…starting from absolutely nothing…

With no employees or hired help of any kind…

I was able to generate 7 figures in sales revenue AND build a list of more that 47,000 paying customers!

And I did all this selling 2 low ticket information products from my own website.

The funny thing is…tons of so called “gurus” would’ve said my method could never work!


Well, I didn’t do it the way everyone else does.

I never gave away a bunch of free stuff.

And I didn't write and send emails every day trying to get sales!

I did what many online marketing think is completely crazy:

We ran ads and let people buy our products!

Now, this might sound like common sense but it’s an idea that many would say is too difficult or unrealistic…

“Wait…you hit 9% conversion advertising to cold traffic!?”


“You saw 19%+ conversion rates on your checkout pages!!?”

Uh huh.

You see…

By dialing in the 3 Key Components of online marketing so they work together…

You CAN make a profit on the front end selling to cold traffic.

I call this dialing in process, “Component Optimization”.

And it‘s the real secret to the success I’ve experienced.

So…What IS Component Optimization?

(And How Does It Lower Ad Cost, Increase Conversions, and Generate More Sales?)

Often when a campaign isn’t converting, it’s not uncommon to think the whole thing is flawed or weak.

You may doubt yourself or your copywriting skills.

Or worse, you may even think people just don’t want what you have to offer!

But the reality is, the problem may not be ANY of those things.

You see, every campaign is only as successful as The 3 Key Components within it.

The 3 Key Components being: the ad, the landing page, and the checkout page.

If there are weaknesses in ANY one of these, the sales flow breaks down and the campaign struggles to make you money.

Think of it like a combination lock.

If you turn the dial the wrong way, use the wrong numbers, or try them in the wrong order…

The lock won’t open!

Even if you’re off by just a little bit on any ONE of those turns of the dial…

Nothing happens!

You have to get all 3 numbers exactly right, in the right order to open the lock!

Sales funnels work exactly the same way!

When each component is dialed in and doing what it’s designed to do…

The prospect moves all the way through the sales process and becomes a buyer!

Component Optimization is the process I use to dial in a sales funnel.

And is the real secret to being successful selling online.

But not only that, Component Optimization has added benefits.

High performing ads generate more clicks per dollar…which lowers your ad costs!

Dialed in Landing Pages convince more of your prospects that your solution will solve their problem. This increases conversions so you need fewer clicks to turn a profit!

And high converting checkout pages close the deal more often, consistently generating more sales every single day!

“The 3 Key Components“ Online Marketing Course teaches you the process of Component Optimization and allows you to do all this for YOUR campaigns.

And it doesn’t matter what niche or market you’re in…

Or what product or service you’re selling!

It can turn around any sales funnel.


If your ad costs are too high...

Conversion rates are too low

Or you’re struggling to turn a profit and aren‘t sure why…

‘The 3 Key Components’ Online Marketing Course will help you change all that..

Turning cold prospects into buyers day in and day out.

When You Purchase

“The 3 Key Components”

Online Marketing Course Today… 

Here Are Some Of The Benefits You’ll Gain

  • An A-Z marketing blueprint you can use the rest of your life to create high converting campaigns.
  • Step by step walkthrough to create compelling video ads...allowing you to drive traffic to your pages in droves and create a steady stream of pre-qualified buyers who want what you have to sell!
  • Learn the key metrics to watch for in order to streamline your sales funnel so anytime your ads, landing pages, or checkout pages are underperforming, you’ll know exactly what to look for and what changes to make to fix them and start making more money!
  • Learn “The Marketing Elements” and how to use them to separate yourself from your competitors…making your product unique in your niche and almost irresistible to your prospect.
  • Learn to design high converting checkout pages to get over the last big hurdle and turn more prospects into buyers with every visit.
  • Learn to craft convincing video sales letters (VSL). I’ve even included a detailed walkthrough of one of my VSLs that boosted conversion percentages by 800%!
  • Learn to create compelling landing pages that build desire for your product/solution or service…and propel your prospects forward to your checkout page.
  • Know your competitors better than they know themselves. This helps you find the optimal price point for your product or service, allows you to standout in the market, and positions you as the unique solution your prospect has been searching for!
  • Learn timeless marketing principles proven to drive sales that you can apply to EVERY campaign, product, or service you ever create!
  • Learn the 4 qualities of powerful headlines to grab your prospect’s attention, stop them from clicking away, and draw them into your sales or landing page.
  • A behind the scenes look at all the tools, technology, software and processes I used to generate 7 figures in sales completely on my own!
  • My unconditional “Love It Or I Buy It Back” 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can try it for yourself with ZERO risk!
  • Just one payment for unlimited lifetime access you can revisit the content anytime you want and for as long as you want!
  • And tons more…


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Bonus #1 - My Copy Scripts

“Traffic Driving Video Ad & High Converting Video Sales Letter Scripts”

These are the same video scripts I wrote and used to build my company…and have been viewed hundreds of millions of times!

You can download and keep all of them. And with them you’ll have a proven blueprint you can follow when crafting your own copy.

So if you find yourself staring at a blank page, wondering where to start…you can pull these out and use them as a guide to make the writing process faster and easier for you!

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Bonus #2 - Testing And Tuning

“Know Exactly How To Fix Any Sales Funnel”

Knowing what to change and how to improve your campaigns will lower your ad costs and drive more conversions! 

If things don’t work right away (most often they don’t!), this FREE Bonus session eliminates guessing as to why your product/service isn’t selling…

And shows the right steps to take to fix it and start generating sales.

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Bonus #3 - Tools and Tech

“The Tools And Tech You Need To Create Professional Quality Audio And Video Content”

So you’ll know exactly where to go for content. And I share less expensive/free alternatives that could save you thousands of dollars on production.

With so many choices of mics, cameras, lighting, software..it can feel overwhelming about which to pick. These session can eliminate the fear of buying something that may not be what you expect.

Once you see the video along with downloading the slides that include pictures and links…you’ll be armed with all the tools you need to create high quality, professional content!

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Bonus #4 - Online Software Guide

“Online Software Guide To Save You Thousands Of Hours Of Work AND Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars”

Using the right online software simplified my life and allowed me to build my company completely on my own. All with ZERO previous experience in web design, automations, emailers, sales funnels, or any of that stuff! (I still couldn’t code my way out of a paper bag! ?)

This FREE bonus helps you avoid making the same mistakes I made early on and shows you the software solutions I use to run the online aspects of my company. 

If I had this resource when I was starting, it would’ve saved me thousand of hours & tens of thousands of dollars!

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Bonus #5 - Post It Notes

”How To Stay Focused And Keep A Positive Mindset In Any Situation”

I’ve experienced the full range of emotions that hit us throughout this process of building an online business.

Fear of failure, discouragement over slow progress, desperation in your situation, or doubting your ability…all of these can kill our dreams and make us want to quit!

And wherever you may be in the process…creating your product, launching your campaign, growing your company…there are thousands of reasons to quit.

This FREE BONUS will encourage you and help you stay positive in any situation.

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Bonus #6 - My Top 10 Reading List

“Discover Books That Should Be On The Shelf Of Every Online Marketer”

In this FREE BONUS session, I share the top 10 marketing books I read when I was getting started. Filling your mind with the right info is crucial for long term success because good writers are always readers.

These books contain timeless marketing principles that go beyond just tactics like email marketing and landing pages.

In them you'll find psychological triggers, sales funnels, Facebook advertising, copywriting, sales letters, and more. The information in these pages is gold!

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Bonus #7 - The Benefit Driven Vision

“Kill The Procrastination Monster And Drive Yourself To Success!”

Let’s face it…lack of sleep and exhaustion are often just part of the process when trying to build your business. And pushing through when your energy is gone is really tough.

The Benefit Driven Vision is a practice I developed that has motivated me like nothing else I’ve ever seen!

So anytime you find yourself wanting to just go to sleep and put off the work til tomorrow, you can pull out The Benefit Driven Vision, find the will to get up, and get to work!!

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So If You’re…

  • Frustrated by rising ad costs that are making it impossible to turn a profit…
  • Struggling to drive pre-qualified buyers to your website…
  • Unhappy with your conversion percentages
  • Tired of fighting to generate new, consistent sales every day…

“The 3 Key Components”

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Can change ALL that!

Here's EVERYTHING You Get With

"The 3 Key Components"

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  • My Ad and VSL Scripts…to up your copy game
  • Testing And Tuning…to dial in your campaigns
  • Tools And Tech…to create high quality content
  • Online Software Guide…to save you time and money.
  • “Post It Notes” Positivity Session…to maintain the right mindset.
  • My Top 10 Reading List…to feed your mind.
  • The Benefit Driven Vision…to kill procrastination and keep you moving forward


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I Don’t Want You To Take A Risk!
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But we're a company who cares deeply about our customers and I’d NEVER want anyone to feel stuck with something they didn't absolutely love!

That's why I offer my personal pledge with every purchase!

So along with the course and all the benefits… 

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Jared's Personal Pledge

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Thanks for reading this lengthy letter of mine.  ?

God bless…


Messer Fam